Friday, April 3, 2015

One of those days

Have you ever just had one of those days in which you are just pissed off at the world? The past day or so, I have been in that mood. Which is not a normal thing for myself. But the questions that have come to myself over the last few days as based on the witnessing of other persons actions around myself, just leaves me wanting to seek, still, such a better understanding as to why people are the ways in which they are.

Why are people so hateful? What are the reasons one would need to be down right mean to another person. Do people find that they will gain from it? What is their to gain? For fuck sakes I ask why are people today such assholes to other people.

The answers could be many and plentiful, but even then I find that those answers are no where near the level that they need to be to justify the actions of some. Now, some of these recent actions are from people who are claiming to be righteous persons and are follows of the Christian faith. Please note, that I DO NOT have anything against religious views, I have not or will not based my judgement of another person because of their religion. However, when a person tells me that they follow a certain faith, I then tend to believe that this person then should have a good set standard for how they act and how they treat the people around them, yet as of recent I have been witness to the exact opposite.

I have seen the way in which a person who is down right attempting to justify their actions by saying that they are a good person because they follow a faith. Yet the actions that this person portrays is that of being vindictive, backstabbing.

Being a person of faith just does not allow you to use your faith as a justification to be a mean and hurtful person to others. It does not allow you the ability to go around and say things about people that are not true. So then I ask this, does this person even know and understand that what their actions entail are hurtful at all?

And the answer that I conclude to this is that they cannot. It must beyond my grasp of understanding.

The worst part it that the people who can make a change for the better, often do not. And those who are forced to change are the ones who do not need to change in the first place.

I told someone a few months ago that they need to learn to forgive. And they got mad at me, saying that they do forgive, they are a Christian after all. But now, I see that what this person did, they were not the person who was actually hurt by the events. They were the person who caused the events around them to happen. People never remember that part of what happens in a relationship, be it a spouse, friend, co-worker.

If people cannot learn to the fact that their actions have more consequences than what they know it will cause, then how will they learn that what they do is wrong?

To be continued....

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