Thursday, August 25, 2011

Though of the day...August 25th, 2011

Why do we always contemplate our actions and words so much that is eventually causes us not to take action? Why are we so afraid of what other people are going to think about us? We come to a conclusion after so much deliberation about whatever it may be; that even at times we forget why we were debating about the topic in the first place.

I often find myself day dreaming. Wishing the world was a better place, wishing that things had turned out differently that they had, not only for me; but for others as well. I imagine in my fantasy world that everyone gets along, everyone is friendly. When people talk about you when you’re not there, it is always something good they are saying. I mean, come on, this is a fantasy world. It is really sad to me that people act this way sometimes.

Does anyone else wonder why we question everything? Pondering the ‘ifs’ and ‘maybes’ of the world.

I think everyone likes to live for those lost moments of our life. We always remember how our past events went, and how we wish at times they could have gone better. We find that actually do regret not telling someone we care for them, or that we are in fact in love with them. We ponder those ideas that could have been if only we had been braver to let out the words we think in our head.

When a person doesn't feel beautiful, that is actually when they are the most beautiful of all. Those moments are when, if you look back at them, you realize that you are human. And as humans we know that each other is not perfect. We are all unique; we all have our little quirks, our little cute imperfections that make us who we are. What makes someone love you is those little imperfections about you, those things are what make you, you. If everyone was the perfect person, the world would be a really boring place, it wouldn't matter who you were in love with, and they would all be the same. 

When people speak about love and what it means to them, I always have to question them. It seems that most everyone is just worried about physical attraction. And I agree to a certain part of that, yes it does happen, but is that really love?

Look at this picture of an old beat up teddy bear. To everyone else this bear is dirty, should be thrown away. Yet, to the owner of the bear, it means so much more. Why is that? Why would something that one person loves so much be trash to another person. Because the owner doesn't see the bear as being dirty or old, they love the bear just as is. That is the kind of love that people should be experiencing. The love that is blind to what happens to a person as they age. For example this young man, as his mother tells the story about him:

Today, I am the proud mom of a blind 17-year-old boy. Although my son was born without his sense of sight, it hasn't stopped him from being a straight A student, a guitarist (whose band just surpassed 25,000 digital downloads of their first album), and an honest, loving boyfriend to his long-term girlfriend, Valerie. Just today, his younger sister asked him what he likes about Valerie, and he said, "Everything. She's beautiful." MMT #15010

We learn from our past generations, yet with today’s view on love and marriage it really is no wonder why people today have a hard time trying to find the love of their life. People look at it wrong, at least in my view. And for that I too can be wrong on this as well. I will never claim to have the right answers, I will always question another person’s answer, and in light of helping them make sure that they to understand that answer that they give.

For anyone out there that questions themselves, you are who you are. Appreciate that, and love the fact that who you are is what makes all of your friends, love you. You are great, you are beautiful, and you are wonderful. If you can’t see it, if you have a hard time understanding it, then maybe it is time you close your eyes. 

Until next time, a moment of time.

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