Monday, April 28, 2014

A friend of mine is looking for some help. So Help if you can and lets send her to college!!

Help Me Accept My Scholarship to the School of Music for Vocal Performance at CMU

My entire life I have known that I have been destined for a career in music performance.  I started with tenor saxophone, transitioned to oboe, and finally went on to play several other instruments. I have always been a singer and over the last several years have made great strides in my art.
I have two sons, 13 and 6. My husband became disabled due to a back injury at work shortly after we married.
This March, I auditioned for Central Michigan University.  I was accepted and offered a scholarship for the School of Music for Vocal Performance. My intention is to major in Vocal Performance with a minor in Business Marketing and Administration.
At 34 years old, I am so close to realizing my dreams! I can taste the salt of my tears from the possibility of not being able to make this happen.

I have 3 roadblocks standing in the way of being able to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to attend CMU. I am turning to you to ask for your help. My spot in the music school and scholarship are only guaranteed for a limited time.
First, while in the admissions process, I discovered I needed to submit transcripts from the colleges I have attended. Turns out, I owe two of these schools tuition and I cannot get my transcripts released to CMU until the balances are paid in full. The total amount owed is just under $1,800.00. Once that is paid, my transcripts will be released and I will be admitted to CMU.
Next, I recently discovered our only car is having engine issues and repairs are estimated at $1,200.00. If not repaired soon, we will be looking at a full engine rebuild, which will exponentially increase the cost of repair.
And finally, I cannot take our only car to attend school all day an hour away from home, leaving Jerry (my husband) and Nick (my 6 year old) stranded at home without transportation, as Nick is a special needs child with autism and often has to leave school in the middle of the day. He also requires frequent appointments with his doctor.

Any funds over and above that will go towards the purchase of books, since those are quite expensive. I have been approved for Pell Grants and loans through the FAFSA program in addition to the scholarship. Also, I intend to apply for work study.
Despite the lack of formal education in my art, I have always succeeded in keeping busy performing music, even earning some income for singing. From playing several instruments, to singing, to learning how to tap dance for a musical; I cannot be stopped.  My number one passion is performing classical Soprano and it’s time to take it to the next level.
I have always had a passion and drive for performing; it will always be a part of my soul. If this doesn't happen, I will still chase my dreams until the end of my days. However, opportunity is knocking now. Please, I need your help to answer the call.

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Thank you to anyone who helps out.


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