Monday, January 7, 2013

Misanthropic Dissonance

A wonderful, insightful place to visit. You get the chance to read something from someone who actually seems to have some rather intelligent and realistic to say. I find people who can speak like this to be very few and far between anymore. 

Take this quote here for example...

          'Many times we find ourselves going into relationships where we do not want to be alone so we latch on to a person who kind of fits what we are looking for. Sometimes we fall into comfortable and familiar roles, in relationships. This is why so many of us experience breakups and ask ourselves why we keep ending up with the same types of people, over and over again.'

I always enjoy reading another person's insight into such matters and I really think that this young lady is really onto something. Give her full post a read and check out the rest of her blog posts at her blog, Misanthropic Dissonance