Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Dream to Remember for a Wish to Never Come

Another Day, Another Dream.
Another Thought, Another Wish.

'Maybe it is just all an illusion, meant to fool us into doing the opposite of what we should...' 

So in my dream today, it was me and you. We were together again. We had gone on a trip, I don't remember the place. But it was fun, we had other people at the place we had went to. But they where all strangers really, they had stories to tell, and we listened to them tell us. Some of the stories were about love, some about misery, some about being lost. Then you went to change your cloths for dinner. It was upstairs and I was waiting for you sitting on the steps. Then you came out, and looked amazing. I couldn't keep my eyes off of your smile. It felt all so real. While we waited for them to call us to eat on the stairs you laid your head down on my shoulder. We both looking into each others eyes, and then it happened. The first kiss.